Hey everyone!  My name is Amber and I am the owner and creator at Clever Girl Soap Co.  I wanted to share the story of how we got our name.

From 2009-2021, I had another soap company named Summerwood Soaps. It was my baby and I loved what I had built with it. But for a couple of years, I had been feeling a need to go in a different direction branding wise. I just didn’t have the whole concept of what exactly I wanted down yet.

Because of the pandemic, in early 2021, I was (still am) homeschooling my daughter. One day she completely nailed a math concept that blew me away and I just thought “Oh my clever girl”.

The wheels started turning right then and suddenly the whole thing came together in my mind. I bought the domains that day and I worked with an incredible graphic artist who was able to take all my thoughts and ideas and make it a cohesive brand that I just love.

I hope that someday my girls will want to take it over. We pulled elements from Jurassic Park (one of my favorite movies ever) and Hermione Granger was another design element, which is why we have the magic wand in the logo. But our slogan and the true inspiration for it is my girls.

Clever Girls
May we know them.
Be them.
Raise them.