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About Us


About us here at Summerwood Soaps

Hello and welcome. My name is Amber and I have been making soap since 2007 when I started making just to have a fun little hobby that would help my very sensitive skin at the same time.  All my soaps are made with goal of being good for all skin types but especially those like me with sensitive skin.  We make soap using the cold process method. And yes, our soaps have lye. Because no lye, no soap.  After our soaps are made we cure for 4 weeks.  If you want to know the science behind soap definitely ask me. I love to talk soap!  

We focus mainly on soaps but hoping to bring back our sugar scrubs and introduce perfumes and lotion bars too.

Little did I know that this little hobby that grew out of control would change my life for the better in so many ways. Thank you to everyone who has helped to support us over the years. 


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